Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gotta get moving...

Gotta get my tush moving.  I miss my healthier self.  I feel so much better not smoking but I miss my bicycle.  I miss riding on back roads, mooing at cows.  April 26 will be 3 years without smoking.  Three years since my nerves took a nose dive, discovering full blown panic attacks and crying.  It was a rough first year.  I still struggle with my nerves but I am getting better with them. 

I have bike rides I would love to go on this year.  But after gaining so much it is very hard on me.  Winston is suffering, Jimmy is suffering, I am suffering.  (Especially since Winston is next to me on the couch smelling of dead fish...ugh). We have a good start on our garden, baby chickens are coming, and I need to be able to get stuff done. 

Plan of attack: Walk the pooch everyday, Cut out soda Sundays only, Keep track of my food.  Here's to a healthier me.

Got our Chick Starter kit from My Pet Chicken. HOORAY!!!

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