Friday, March 23, 2012

The Chicks are coming!!

The week of May 15th our new (and firt) chicks will be hatched :D.  We have ordered a Buff Orpington,  Barred Rock, and a Rhode Island Red.  Names have been picked out and now I must wait patiently.

Our coop from Green Chicken Coop should be here next week.   Jimmy is building a run for them.  Winston (our Border Collie) is clue less that he is being invaded by chickens.  I hope they get along well.  I hope that them being babies and growing up with him they will be fine with each other.

Garden is weeded.  Finally mulched between the Herb boxes.  Trimmed my Sage and worried it was too much but it is growing and looks much healthier for it now.  Potatoes are planted.  We have decided to try Sweet Potatoes again and hopefully the Rabbits will steer clear this time. 

We are trying vinegar as a weed killer in the driveway and around the pool.  I hope it works it is healthier and much cheaper.  Spring is coming!!

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